Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is nothing but how we secure the details of the users and then how we collect the information from the user. It is the responsibility of the user to get the knowledge about the privacy policies before getting support from our team.

We collect information and data from the customers only to provide better service for our customers. First, we collect the information for the sake of creating the individual profile for the customers.

The information like the name, email id, and gender to create a separate profile for the customers. We collect the card details to complete the billing information or to complete the payment steps. Even in some cases, we collect the device model number and the device information to check that the channel is compatible with the device.

Our communication with the users will be on the chat. In some cases, the chats can be monitored or recorded for security purposes.

It is the customers who wish either to cancel or get the service. In some cases, if the customers are not satisfied, you can suggest better support from our team. But only the refund policy is decided by the legal authorities, not by the user. So to know more about the refund policies, you can contact our support team to get more knowledge about this refund policy

The customer can use the cookies in order to get the instant search result from our site. By accepting the cookies, you can save your time and also energy.

For further support and service from our professional team, it is mandatory to accept the terms and conditions. For more details about the terms and conditions you can reach out to our support team and clarify your doubts